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One of the most used framework for making your web application more live, interactive. There is been a while since I run into it, but recently I decided to use it. Main reason is when i saw the sits that actually use the jQuery framework. Take a look here and you ll be suprised by […]

Categorized css gallery and examples. In gallery you can see some page layouts CSS code for two column, three columns, mixed columns page layout. Also categorized by page visibility, contrast, colors. Great page for quickly develop descent pages with minor design changes. Take a tour on the CSS DriveĀ  and feel free to comment or […]

CSS play


CSS play Experiments with Cascading Style Sheets A good place if you want to experiment with CSS. I couldn’t find anything applicable, pretty enough, but i found great ideas i used to play with css properties and stuff I couldnt’t believe is possible with plain CSS elements styling.

W3 School


Mother of all internet tutorial web pages… Learn all kinds of stuff concerning…



  Creative network of conteporary design. Here is the absolute page for boosting up your imagination…. Wake up, take a sip of your coffee and see what’s new in web design world. Frequently updates of new web places, great works, nice designs, new ideas.

An great site for any kind of designer. Looks like a huge blog journal with categories



This is actually the reason i begun this blog … Occasionally I run into beautiful frameworks, nice pages, evolutionary ideas.