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Lately i had to make firefox allow more simultanious downloads than it can (default value is 3). In that point i want to note that firefox can allow These are some quick tweaks you can add to firefox browser. First of all open a tab on your Firefox browser. In the address bar type: about:config […]

I was recently bought a new external Drive for storing my files, project, works ect. First thing i did was to copy my WampServer Directory to the new hard disk drive so i could continue my work. After a few minutes i came back to check if everything went well and i saw this….

Vista Vista Upgrades…. The new vista service pack announced for some time now .. Now is actually ready and I had it in my winodows update list…. If you want to download the standalone package go : x64 | x86 Things to know before you download Windows Vista SP1 Published: March 18, 2008 Windows Vista […]