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auto completing your own death ?!?!??! The Facts Microsoft just announced what has been rumored forever: a formal offer for Yahoo. Microsoft’s proposal to Yahoo’s board of directors represents $31 per share (a 62% premium over yesterday’s closing price) or about $44.6 Billion. Steve Ballmer, CEO and big fan of developers, says, “We have great […]

This a fix for a JavaScript-based PNG fix for Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6 on Windows. The fix allows IE to properly render PNG alpha transparency. Why only versions 5.5 & 6? Because Windows IE versions prior to 5.5 do not support the filter which fixes the PNG problem, and version 7 does not have […]

I recently tried to install SP1 on a system with Windows Vista Ultimate (OEM Hack) 🙂 !! DELL OEM Distribution. I read many stories about successful installations. I tried it myself to see what happens. 1. Downloaded the SP1 from the official Microsoft’s site. 2. Disconnected the network cable (just in case). 3. Run the […]