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Some jQuery fans include the framework using this refference: ‘’ Using this type of include you all need to know that the dimension pluggin is now included in the framework just after the 1.2.XXX Version.Performance Improvements and Dimensions Plugin Added to Core. Advertisements

Doing web development on my local machine – a Vista box – I was wondering why page rendering was so slow. First I thought my web application was not well done. But then I figured out that the pages rendered lightning fast on IE 7. And again later, I experienced, that the web application rendered […]

That a hard choice. I Also run into some new engines but in their speeds test i realised that none was as fast as the mentioned, wide spread, innoDb or myIsam. In general MyISAM offers speed whereas Innodb offers reliability. Lets look at both engines in depth.

Look at this Arrow in the inbox Every time I log into Gmail, the first thing I see is this: And specifically, this thing: What is it? What is it pointing to? What does it mean? Clicking on it does nothing. Not even a tooltip explaining what it is. I don’t have much to say […]

Google introduced an new favicon that looks like this And this is the old favicon …. I think you re all familiar with it.

Firefox 3 is going to provide a wide range of improvements to performance, stability, and security, and it’s also going to present several new user facing features. Here is a quick recap of design work that’s been going on in the Mozilla community over the past few weeks for Firefox 3, along with information about […]

These are the 2 most common used programs for Dual++ Display lovers. 1. Display Fusion It offers a free and a comercial use version. Managing Wallpapers, timers, and most importantly different wallpaper for each display monitor. Special extras with hot keys. Can automatically load pictures from flickr. and secondly, my favorite 2. UltraMon Manage wallpapers, […]

One of the most inspiring sites i’ve ever seen. Nice interface, nice examples, links and extraordinary works by design professionals. This bolg is not for developers, its targeted for revolutionary design materials, walk throughs and ideas.

This is actually my first attempt to make a menu XML customizable driven. I will probably release a new version soon. This Download the sample files here. The .fla file is included. Any comments on the code is appreciated. Feel free to use!! Goto My new Blog and Download the newest Version … ( many […]

Adobe has taken the unusual step of revealing the first details of the next version of Dreamweaver less than six months after the release of current version (Dreamweaver CS3). Now, before you get too excited, the Adobe announcement says nothing about new features. Instead, it tells you what’s being taken out.