NOD32 blocking WampServer


WampServer 2 seemed to work ok with Vista but suddendly stop working. Something block the browser from opening the pages. Search wich program did this and remembered that i installed NOD32.

This is the solution that i found.
1. Open nod32 Window
2. Goto advance setup
3. Goto  -Antivirus And AntiSpyware  –> Web Access Protection –> HTTP –> Web Browsers
4. Uncheck the browser that you had default when installing the WampServer

That’s it, as simple as that…..


4 Responses to “NOD32 blocking WampServer”

  1. 1 bonitarunner

    I have Vista, Wampserver, Nod32, FF3 and IE7. My localhost and were not working properly. I want Nod32 to keep filtering correctly on both Browsers.

    This is how I fixed this in my case.
    Edit hosts windows\system32\drivers\etc Edit the hosts file.

    remove this line if you have it listed. Default puts this line in.
    ::1 localhost

    All works perfect now. Nod32 works fine as default.
    You can ping localhost or correctly now.

    You can also replace your hosts file with something like this below…. for a good blocking host file.

  2. 2 worthposting

    This much better …. thanx for the tip ..

    I ll try it and update the post …

  3. 3 nerudo

    I tried editing the file like you sugested but I could save it. Its says acces not allowed.

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