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Windows 7 Features, Screenshots, Demo Windows 7 Taskbar Windows 7 System Tray

One of the most impressive features in Google’s open source Chrome web browser is V8, a high-performance JavaScript virtual machine that was developed by a team of specialists in Denmark. Although Chrome’s performance beats the current stable version of Firefox, benchmarks show that Mozilla’s next-generation JavaScript engine actually outperforms V8. Mozilla is using tracing optimization […]

Google’s 10th Birthday

A new hard-disk is on the market. Look at WD site to see allso the a nice 3D display of this drive. see it’s full specs

Adobe has taken the unusual step of revealing the first details of the next version of Dreamweaver less than six months after the release of current version (Dreamweaver CS3). Now, before you get too excited, the Adobe announcement says nothing about new features. Instead, it tells you what’s being taken out.