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A list of widely used SQL settings Explained ANSI NULLS QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ARITHMABORT ANSI_DEFAULTS ANSI_WARNINGS DATEFIRST DATEFORMAT NOCOUNT NOEXEC IDENTITY_INSERT IMPLICITY_TRANSACTIONS LANGUAGE ANSI NULLS – Syntax SET ANSI_NULLS {ON | OFF} – Explanation The SQL-92 standard requires that an equals (=) or not equal to (<>) comparison against a null value evaluates to FALSE. When SET […]

Let’s say you have an image with no transparency. This is a  technique i found to make photos transparent to a specific color. In the following tut color was black. You can follow these step to add the desired transparency PHOTOSHOP NEEDED Step no 1. Make a copy of the image. Make it in grayscale. […]

Recommended META-Tags Meta Content Language (non-US English ONLY) Meta Content Type Meta Description Meta Language (non-US English ONLY) Optional META-Tags Meta Abstract Meta Author Meta Copyright Meta Designer Meta Google Meta Keywords Meta MSN (No ODP) Meta Title . . . . . . Dont confuse meta with those cute html tags…. Not Recommended META […]

Here is a list of tips to change the style you logon to your OS.

I recently found a tip to minimize Vista Booting Time. When Vista boots up it uses only one core of your CPU. If you have a multicore CPU based system you can do a quick modification. Click Start -> type “msconfig” This screen will appear. Select the 2nd tab (boot). The click Advanced options Add […]

First of all i d like to remind that In most new pc configurations Vista cant be installed in 4gb systems. You have to uninstal 2gb and then when Windows setup is complete you can use the other 2gb. How to Enable More Than 3.5 GB of Memory in 32-Bit Windows Vista You’re probably wondering […]

If you’re using XHTML, add this: <link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”/favicon.ico” type=”image/x-icon” /> If you’re using HTML, add this instead: <link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”/favicon.ico” type=”image/x-icon”> Here is a nice tutorial to make your own favicons in PhotoshopSupport.

Mozilla is for many reasons the favorite browsers for all web developers.  To use it faster you need to know its keyboard shortcuts.

Create a menu using batch commands

This a solution i used in many autocomplete input fields. I have implemented it to php and C# web application. Dont be scared to use it, its really simple to use. The tutorial is fully explanatory.